FMCSA to Allow Drivers to Purge Dismissed Charges from PSP and CSA Scores

When it comes to regulation we rarely get to report good news for drivers.  But starting August 23, 2014 you can  have your dismissed and not guilty citations removed from your PSP and CSA record.


Winning a ticket in Court is great, especially when you’re innocent, and it protects your DMV records, but it doesn’t matter for your CSA or PSP scores.   Now that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is changing its inspection data system processes to allow motor carriers and drivers to purge their records of violations dismissed in court or issued a finding of not guilty. The change  begins Aug. 23. FMCSA said when the new policy takes effect, individuals must submit certified documentation of adjudication results through a Request for Data Review in FMCSA’s DataQ’s system to initiate the correction process.  The current Federal Motor Carrier Management  Information System does not permit records to be  corrected once citations or violations are posted.

This driver friendly change was in response to recent court decisions that would have forced FMCSA into litigation in the Federal Courts on a case by case basis.  So you can thank the  Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association for forwarding and winning some of that litigation.


Any Driver who has events showing on their PSP or CSA reports that they later won in Court, should gather the certified information of the dismissal or acquittal and be prepared to open a DataQ  account and dispute the matter.  Many Insurance Companies and Carriers look as much or more at PSP and CSA scores as they do DMV records.

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