Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why would I go with CDL?guy

We work with safe experienced drivers to help them get placed at better jobs with great companies.  We support our drivers, we talk to our drivers, and we listen to our drivers.  The driver is our most valuable asset.  We have health insurance available.

Is CDL a Temp Agency?

No. We are a lease to hire agency.  If we have a job, and we place a driver in that job, it is with the goal of permanent employment in that job.  We don’t do temporary jobs or fill in work.  CDL drivers go to work only at companies looking for permanent hires, and we don’t remove you from that location, but rather work to transition you to a permanent position with that company.

Why would I go through CDL and not just go to the hiring company?

Many companies hire only through CDL or agencies like CDL.  We are good at finding, and presenting only the best drivers who are qualified and capable for the positions they need filled.  Further we can onboard you in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Most of our customers cannot get you working as quickly as we can, and they trust our discretion in providing quality drivers.

What makes CDL different than other staffing agencies?

We are not a big box cookie cutter operation.  Every driver is a member of the CDL family, and gets treated as an asset not a liability.  In fact it is not unusual for a driver to speak directly with one of the two owners, who happen to be a father son team.  Further, our founder Paul Timmons knows trucking.  We know what drivers care about and we honestly work for you.  We use technology and strong communication techniques to keep you front and centetrucksssr in all we do.

Who is CDL Labor Logistics?

We are a small family owned operation, with a large footprint in the Trucking Industry.  We work closely with the largest logistics providers in the nation, as well as many small and midsized companies who have high quality permanent jobs.  Our founder has over 25 years in trucking, so while we are a human resources provider, we are also uniquely knowledgeable in the challenges drivers face.

Are CDL jobs better jobs?

Our jobs are premium jobs, paying premium wages.  Further we routinely work with our clients to increase driver pay, design better routes and build better schedules.  We truly do have better than average jobs for safer experienced drivers.tttt4