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Not every staffing agency knows the trucking business like we do. CDL driver placement is all we do. You can hire us with confidence that we will find the best drivers for you.

CDL  Driver Staffing Explained – How We Work.

Understanding the Models

Both Direct Placement and Staffed on Payroll models involve us recruiting, vetting, and qualifying potential drivers. You won’t have to worry about advertising or incur any market costs beyond our fees. We find the driver, interview and qualify them. Then, you meet and interview the candidate.

Direct Placement

In the Direct Placement model, after the initial screening process, you hire and supervise the driver. This model has several advantages:

  • The employment liability is the customer’s responsibility.
  • There are no complicated contracts to deal with.
  • It can be easily integrated into your existing hiring process.
  • The process is quick to set up.
  • It attracts better drivers for better jobs.

Staffed on Payroll

In the Staffed on Payroll model, we hire and you supervise. This model also presents several benefits:

  • The employment liability stays with us.
  • You are not liable for payroll.
  • We carry workers’ compensation.
  • You can try out a driver before hiring them permanently.

Since we hire drivers that are screened to have a better than average skill set and safer than average driving histories, you can expect a lower incident of driver error leading to accidents or inspection violations. This will aid in the long term management of your CSA score, and is an often overlooked “hidden” benefit of employing carefully selected drivers. Managing the twenty four month rolling average of your CSA scores, will over time save you on insurance and related costs.

Many staffing firms are not ACA compliant. Have you vetted who you use?

We are “hands on” and continue to support our drivers fully during their tenure with us, and facilitate communication between the driver and you the customer. We work with our customers to facilitate driver orientation and work expectations.

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We are fully ACA compliant, and have top rated Workers Compensation insurance.  We fully protect you and the driver.


We facilitate the acquisition of permanent hires for the customer while saving the customer significant time and expense in the advertising, screening and hiring process. Additionally in one of our available staffing models we carry the risk of workers compensation and unemployment claims while the driver is in our employ.

We can cost effectively help you staff a regional operation or a national fleet, while freeing your key employees to manage operations and take care of core business functions.

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