Getting ahead of the Problem(s) – Trucking Wisdom


There is no magic wand to make all of life’s issues disappear.  And between career, family, and self, there is always too much to get done. But one thing a professional driver doesn’t have to do is reinvent the wheel.  (See what I did there?)  We can learn from others, and borrow their experience to make the road a little a smoother for ourselves. (Did it again…)

We have found a few web sites that are both informative and entertaining with information valuable to CDL drivers of all stripes.  So we wanted to share them with you.

Freightliner for instance has a great web site called – Team Run Smart, where drivers can find practicle articles like “Laundry Tips for Truckers” and “Dealing with a Debt Collector While You’re on the Road“.  They also have health tips, business tips, and general trucking know how, from a panel of experts.  Sure it’s a bit of an infomercial, but the practical information available is helpful.

A few other destinations with similar resources include:

Road King –

Healthy Trucker –

The Trucking Truth (Forums) –


Hope this was helpful.  Feel free to suggest any sites you like as well, so we can collect them.  – You can suggest them on our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE