660 Minutes: How Improving Driver Efficiency Increases Capacity

What happens to those 660 minutes in a driver’s day?


J.B. Hunt recently released a report on the full extent of the wasted time drivers spend as a result of inefficient practices. Mitigating such inefficiencies, the report notes, can increase capacity.  The report is directed at educating shippers and receivers, but the data and lessons apply to any operation or fleet.

The Hourglass vs. the Stopwatch

In many ways, capacity shortage and driver inefficiency are a result of misinformation surrounding Hours of Service. Think of a driver’s time as that of an hourglass, a perishable commodity which is continually diminishing. Whereas in the past a driver could, much like a stopwatch, start or stop his or her clock depending on the activity, a driver today cannot log time waiting at a shipper location or making a delivery as “off duty.” Once a driver begins his or her safety check at the start of the workday, the clock is running down without pause…  READ THE FULL REPORT