AI Assistant for your Web Site.

This is a”live” demo… what could this AI do on your web site?
Try: “How can AI help on my web site?” Or, “Can you give me recipes?”

  • AI: Hello human, I am a basic demonstration of an chat bot that you could use for recruiting.

AI thinking ...

This is a very simple implementation of a ChatBot. We can connect ChatGPT, Gemini, or many other Large Language Models to Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) database. We can then make it aware of your current jobs, safety criteria, and company information. Ultimately the AI chatbot can be given a general tone, or even a very specific persona.

  • We'll hello. You look alive today, if I do say..

Groucho puffing is puffing his cigar... ...

Or we could simulate an imaginary Driver – here is Jake the Super Trucker, who loves to talk trucking and tall tales

  • Hey where you headed, and whatcha hauling?

AI thinking ...

If you’re serious about exploring the options – email to start a discussion.

Our own Chatbot in use, and talking to drivers is below.